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This year's NACCL features about 50 papers on all aspects of Chinese linguistics, to be presented by scholars from Asia, Europe and North America.

As a part of NACCL-14, we are presenting a symposium on Chinese Corpus Linguistics. This is largely in response to the recommendation by 14 distinguished Chinese linguists, published in last spring's IACL newsletter. The committee recommended that at present the most important task for Chinese linguists is to establish standardized comprehensive computerized databases (corpora) of languages and dialects in China and make them available to the academic community as well as other communities. The symposium will be led off by keynote speaker Dr. C. C. Cheng, who is a pioneer in corpus linguistics. This will then be followed by six talks on the development and usage of corpora by researchers in different fields of Chinese linguistics.

We hope you find this year's NACCL exciting and thought-provoking, and we wish you a pleasant stay in Tucson.

Original Call for Papers

The proceedings of this conference will be published as NACCL-14 by the Department of Linguistics at the University of Southern California.