My wife is
Feng-hsi Liu.  


Feng-hsi is a Professor of Chinese Linguistics and director of the Chinese Language Program at the department of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona, in Tucson.

We were married on July 26, 1997, at my father’s place in Pacific Palisades, California.  

Wedding photo
My niece Raissa, Feng-hsi, me, my niece Milena (Flower Girl), and Barb Souza, Maid of Honor.

We like to spend time hiking and camping in the mountains and forests and other interesting areas.
Feng-hsi and Peter
Minaret Summit, near Mammoth, California



Ricky at 3 years old.






In the summer of 1998,
our son Ricky was born.


Feng-hsi’s e-mail: fliu@u.arizona.edu
Peter’s e-mail: pshapley@flash.net

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