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This page describes some of the websites I’ve created. For programming examples, go to the CGI Examples page.



   This is a website for an academic conference that the Department of East Asian Studies put on in May 2002. At the start (November 2001) many details of the conference were not yet set (things like schedules, invited speakers, and so on) so some of the pages were mainly blank. In the next few months it was constantly updated as speakers were chosen and the program was set. There were about 70 participants and 50 papers presented, and all found the website and the maps very useful and informative.
   A few months after the conference I removed the site from the University’s server, but I’ve saved it on my own site as an example.



Tony Reed
   Tony is a real estate broker here in Tucson, and he wanted more on his website than the default stuff that his company (Long Realty) provides, so he asked me to make a “custom” site for him. This uses frames to hook up into Long’s MLS Search database pages, as well as providing Tony with a more attractive and useful web page.



Languages & Cultures of East Asia
   This is a website for a UA General Education class. (Actually it’s a copy, since the real site was taken offline when the semester ended.) It was set up to be easy for students to get the information they needed, as well as easy to update it twice a week. Not flashy, but very functional.



My “Personal” web site
   This is a pretty typical personal website, complete with family and vacation pictures, but I’ve put some work into it. It’s got rollovers, frames, an imagemap (the Eastern Sierra pictures), a little GIF animation (on the fishing page), and so on. The section with pictures of my son is run by a Perl script and a database file, rather than a bunch of individual html files, which makes updating it much easier.



   This is a website for a proposed health information system. It is planned so companies with information about health services can post that information in a consistent format, so users can more easily compare the features of different products and services. It's still in the early stages of development.