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  CGI Examples  

   This section contains some CGI programs I have written, to show my ability as a web programmer. The programs are written in Perl, so they will work on most web servers.


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Weather Survey
   A page which allows users to input weather observations. The cgi program keeps track of these observations and presents them in a table. This type of interface allows you to take surveys online, and present the users with a processed summary of their responses.
   (The "Oobleck" option was part of the assignment -- evidently the instructor is a Dr. Seuss fan.)

Report Form
   A page which allows a non-technically-oriented user to input or update reports using only a browser and a secret password.

Shopping Program
   A program which allows users to order products using a "shopping cart" style interface. This is driven by databases; that is, to change the product selection or features, the webmaster only needs to update a tab-delimited text file.

Paper Rating System
   This was set up for an academic conference put on last year. For such events, scholars from around the world submit abstracts of papers they would like to present. Anonymous copies of these abstracts are then distributed to specialists in the field for assessment. The scores are then collected, tabulated, and averaged. I designed this system to simplify the task of sorting and scoring the submissions, and in actual practice, it saved lots of time and effort.

   This isn't really CGI programming, but it is programming. It's a Shockwave version of the game I put together in MacroMedia Director. It allows for either two players to play, or for a single player to play against the computer.


China and Taiwan Photos
   This is an example of PHP programming. My wife has assembled a collection of photos of daily life in China and Taiwan, and put them online for her classes. The PHP design makes it easy to add photos, recategorize them, change the captions, etc. The U. of Arizona server allows PHP, but no perl, and no databases, so it's running off two flat text files.