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  Design Philosophy  

Design of a website is a process which includes several factors:

  • Content layout -- how information is organized-- on one page or split up over several pages -- this includes writing/editing the text, and the choice of images.

  • Logical layout -- in specific, which pages link to which; and in general, how a user would reach a specific page from the entry point of the website.

  • Interactivity -- whether and how the user can interact -- in other words, how you can get information from the user, whether by e-mail, interacting with a database to read or change information, etc.

  • Page layout and graphic design -- the look of each individual page, including typeface, graphics, colors, columns, illustrations, etc.

Though all these factors are interrelated, I work on them in roughly the above order. My goal is to come up with a website which is useful-- it makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want. As far as graphics are concerned, the front page (especially) has to be attractive, so a substantial part of my work with a client has to do with the look of the site.


My price for a simple "brochure" style website runs about $50 a page (minimum $200). In addition, you will have to pay for a domain name (roughly $35 a year) and hosting service (anywhere from $10-$30 or more per month).*

More involved sites (those which include interactivity, animation, or other special work, or very involved graphics) will cost more; on the other hand, if there are many very simple or repetitive pages, the price per page will be somewhat lower.

My basic pricing includes creating a site based on the content, images, and preferences given, then one major modification (if necessary) in case I got it wrong the first time, or if upon playing with the site the customer changes his mind. (Of course, extra pages added at this point are not covered in the original estimate).

Updating a site is charged on an hourly basis, currently at $30 an hour. I don't want to nickel and dime my customers for minor changes, but I have this set up so I'm not forever "tweaking" a website for little or no money.

* These fees are charged by domain registry and hosting service companies; I prefer that you deal directly with them (though I will guide you through the process) -- that way I don't have to act as a middleman with your bills. In addition, by doing it this way, you are not tied to me as your web designer-- you can hire anyone you want to modify or update your page in the future, or even do it yourself.

For more information, please contact me via e-mail at, or by phone at (520) 514-1559.