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  Report Demo  

   This program allows a non-technical user to edit or replace the text content of a web page using nothing but a browser.
   This is a feature which allows a secretary (or whoever) to easily update announcements, company news, daily or weekly schedules, etc., rather than requiring the expensive services of a web programmer to update the website.
   It's password protected, so that only an authorized user can input stuff. Basically, the authorized user goes to an "input" page (whose address is not given to the general public or linked from a public web page). The previous text is shown there, and the user can then edit it or completely replace it. Then, the user types in the password and submits the "report" (as I'm calling it). The program then rewrites the public "report.html" page.
   Because the input page displays the previous report, it's not necessary to retype the whole thing to make a minor change or fix a typo. Because the cgi program running this thing simply reads the existing "report.html" page, the static layout and content of the page can be independently edited in any HTML editor by the webmaster. As a result, these cgi programs can be used on any website with little or no modification.
   This version automatically inserts the current date and time (Arizona time) at the top of the page; however, the user inputting the text can change it.



   To Add/Edit a report, go here. (You need the secret password to do this. To prevent vandalism of my site, I'm not giving it out; however, I'll provide it for legitimate demo use.)


   To view the report, go here. (This is what the public sees.)