Animated calico bass

When I lived in California, I spent a lot of time fishing in the ocean. In the summer I liked to fish offshore from San Diego for fish such as bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and so on.


Peter holding a bluefin tuna   Peter holding two halibut

Bluefin tuna, 45 pounds, taken aboard the Sun Rise from San Diego.


Halibut, 28 and 12 lbs., taken aboard the Aquarius from Port Hueneme.

The rest of the year I fished locally for halibut, bass, barracuda, and rockfish. It’s actually more challenging than fishing offshore for tuna, though most of the time it’s not as exciting. But as a friend once told me, “If all you want to fish for are the glamour fish, you might as well take up golf for nine months of the year.”

I don’t play golf.