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    Shapley Design is a consulting firm, based in Tucson, Arizona, specializing in graphic interactive computer experiences. These days, that means website design and programming.

    My experience, however, goes back to working on interactive museum experiences on IBM PCs and XTs (that's 8088 and 8086 machines) back in 1984 or so. I've worked since then on animated films and print graphics, as well as interactive demos and games on floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and most recently on the web. The common thread in all these projects has been the presentation of information using both text and graphics, using whatever interactivity the target media allows.

    Creating a successful website requires an understanding of all aspects of website design: graphic layout, design, and creation, organization and presentation of the content, navigation, control and interactive programming, and such technical issues as cross-browser compatibility, loading time (file size), and accessibility. I am well versed in all of these issues, and understand how to take them all into consideration when putting together a website.